April 3

A Night On The Town:

Raar!! Raaaarrrr!! Raarr??  Raar!! Let's go out drinking!  I'll come pick you up!

Raar! What's up, dude?  Nice place you've got here! RAAR!!

Raar!! So, the other day, I was eating this baby, and the baby was all "waaah, waaah!"  and you know what I said, right?  I said "RAARRRRRRR!!!".   Man, you don't have a lot to say tonight.  Raaaarrr!!  You know, I think I'm going to take a picture of myself.  It's gonna be funny.  You wait!

RAARRRRR!! Har! That's funny! I think I've got something caught in my teeth, though.  Might be human hair! Raarrr!

RAARRR!! Hey, my butt's not getting big, right?  I still look good, right?  I worry sometimes, with all the fat I consume and all.  Raaaarrr!  RAAAARRRRRRRR!!!


Raaarr! Use me as a boost!  You should have gotten a smaller beer, little guy! RAAARR!!

RAAAR!!! Come lie on my head, that might be better!! RAAARRR!!  Raarrr! Ow, ow! My eye!! Quit it!  This might be easier if you had arms, man.  RAAARRR!!  Don't make me bite you!!  RAAARRR!!

RAAAR, woah! I'm feeling a little funny!  Raaarrrr!!! Raaarrrrr!!!! Woah!!  WOAH!!  Keep your foot out of my eye! RAARRR!!

Part 2:  Wherein the boys continue their adventure, coming to you tomorrow.

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same thing that's written in the stars
is written under our skin
new horizon
new horizon within