April 4

A Night On The Town, Part Two:

RAAARRR!  We took a taxi home because he was too drunk to try and drive.  Plus, his feet don't really reach the pedals!  And, he has no arms.  Other than that, he's an excellent driver! RAAARRR!

RAAR! The taxi dropped us off in front of the house.  I was like "RAAAR!  Bring me home!  I'm hungry!!"  And the cab driver started giving me lip, remember?  Man, you are QUIET.  Anyway, he started giving me lip, and remember what I did?  That's right?  RAAR!! He was all "Stop! Stop eating me!"  Remember what I said??  Remember??   Exactly.  "RAAAR!!"

Raaarr! Hah! HAH! This was fun!! Sometimes I like to drink some beer and climb a tree.  RAAAR!  And then, when someone walks by...


RAAAR!! We did it together! RAAARR!! He says that I looked like I was scared.  That's why I hit him.  I'm a MONSTER!! RAAARRR!!!!   And by the way, I know that it is daylight time in these pictures and this page is called monsterNIGHT.  It's because we partied so hearty that we never went home! RAAARRR!!!

Every time we go out, he manages to get himself stuck in a drainpipe, and I had to bite on his hair to pull him out.  He was like "Ow!"  and I said "YOU ARE LUCKY I DON'T EAT YOU! RAAR!!"

That's about when we decided to start drinking some more beer.  We got a few cold ones from inside my house and lay down and stared up at the sky.  Raaar!! Just because I am a monster does not mean I do not enjoy looking at the sky.  RAAR!! I am sensitive!


We decided to play a little game of hide and seek.  I didn't know he took this photo. RAAR!!  Really, you don't think my butt is too big, right?  RAAAR!! I am a MONSTER! I WILL EAT YOU!!! RAARR!!

Raaarr!! I climbed up on the fence!!  I was waiting for someone to come by!  RAARR!! He said that he'd bring the beer up for me, but then I remembered.  He has no arms.  RAAARR!! HE TRICKED ME!!  HAH! HAH!! We are such good friends that we play jokes like that on eachother all the time! RAARR!!

RAAARR!!! This is when we acted out the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.  Ha, hah, just kidding! RAAAAR!  I think he's giving me a dirty look, which is not very romantic.  I will eat him someday.  RAAARRR!!!

We wanted to go into the house to get more beer.  RAAARRR!! BEER!!! RAARRRR!!!  There was this thing guarding the door.  We stood there for a little while, trying to decide what to do.  Then I said "I AM A MONSTER!! I AM NOT AFRAID OF THAT THING!!"  So we just went in and it was fine.  RAARR!!

"RAAAR!! What would you like for dinner?? I am a MONSTER! I CAN CLIMB UP THE SHELVES!!  RAARR!!"  He only wanted more beer, though, so that was just what we had.  RAAAR! BEER!!

I told him not to open the door.  RAAAR!! I can not tell if he's having fun or he is in trouble, so I just stayed away and laughed, ha! Ha!! What?  What's so funny??  RAAAARRRR!!!

Raaarrr!! We decided to get a little dressed up for a fun time.  So what we weren't going anywhere?  We invited some friends over to dance and stuff.  What?  A Monster can't have a little fun time?  Do you like my belt?  RAAAR!!!  I'm a sassy monster!! Are you??  The thing I'm standing in front of reminds me of a joke I once told someone:  Knock Knock?  Who's there?  A MONSTER!! A MONSTER who?  A MONSTER WHO IS GOING TO EAT A BABY!! RAAARRR!!!!!   HAH! HAH!! I love that joke!!!

Raar!! This is a great apartment and a wild party! Come down off that bottle, you maniac! Raaaaarrrr!!!

Someone took this picture of us together, in front of the disco light! RAAAR!  I love to dance!! Raaarr!! Come here, little man! Let's cut a rug!!

We danced so much we passed out.  RAAARR!  Someone put that camera away!!  The National Enquirer might get a hold of these pictures and then we'd be in trouble! RAAARR!!

It seems like we might be sleeping, but not with all these lights on!! RAARR!!! Someone turn off the light!!!  He fell asleep soon, and then I did, too.  Unfortunately, our gentle repose did not last for long.

So, there's more, of course.  Stay tuned.

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And the moon is splashed right over the street
like my tears on your thighs so pale
its just you and me in the sheets
and I hope the whole wide world is just a jail
when you're away from me