March 27

I can't believe that none of you have had anything to say about my new glasses.  Not that they're new anymore, but still and all.  Man.  Way to hurt a girl's feelings...

My mother and I are going to Cancun at the end of April.  She'd been threatening to take me to a spa here in Connecticut for a few months now, and recently we've been emailing back and forth about the when and the where and stuff like that.  So last week, I get some mail from her that says "did you get the information i had sent to you?  if not, go here"

I looked around the site.  Now, I am no genius, but I was able to glean pretty immediately that this was not a spa in the Nutmeg State of White and Right.  No, no.  I wrote back to my mother:

"you are aware that this is in Mexico, right?"

She replied   "yeah, so?"

Okay, then.  I readjusted for a trip to Mexico rather than an hour away.  We email like mad.  We talk days.  We talk times.  We talk prices.  We talk horseback riding and massage and nature hikes.  I proclaim my desire to buy silly native trinkets and bottles of tequila.  She talks Mayan ruins and wanting to walk around.  I profess a slight fear of local Guadalajarian food and my unwillingness to ride a donkey of any sort.  We banter back and forth, back and forth back and forth until Sunday morning, when I call her and she says:  "Cancun.  April 30th."  and I say  "Aw JEAH!"

So, it's Cancun! Now I'm thinking sunny beaches, swim up bar (note:  whereas I do not drink, kids, and would never endorse drinking and swimming [remember: I was a lifeguard], the lure of a swim up bar is too, too mighty for me to deny.  Sweet!).  I would have preferred to go a little closer to now (It's 28 degrees outside.  Do I need to say more?   Now would be just fine with me.)  but that's cool too, because when I get back, in May, it will be MAY.  Which is worlds better than April.  Thank you.


Okay, there.  Selling underwear through erection scare tactics?  Happy  to see me?  Keys in pocket?   It's not really a bone, you know.

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